Service & Repair

Service & Repair

At Green Revs Electric Bikes in Delray Beach, we can keep your ebike up and running smoothly.

While ebikes generally need nothing beyond normal mechanical tune-ups, we've been repairing ebikes since 2012 and can do what other shops simply do not.

For those who've purchased their ebike or regular bicycle from our Delray location, we provide discounted full service maintenance and repairs. 

Hourly Shop Rate for ebikes purchased elsewhere: $95
Hourly Shop Rate for ebikes purchased at Green Revs (enrolled in Loyalty Program): $45  (starting January 2020 $55)

Loyalty Program: Bikes purchased at Green Revs are automatically enrolled in the Loyalty program. Loyalty program members get a reduced hourly rate for repairs, expedited placement in the service order, discounted accessories at purchase and for 2 weeks after purchase, and discounts on all subsequent bike purchases. People who support local small businesses keep the economy rolling forward and we reward those people! Loyalty Program  memberships can be purchased for $500 for those who purchased their bike elsewhere however, we only support bikes for whose brands we are authorized dealers for. Since we're an authorized dealer/svc ctr for all the major brands of quality built ebikes in the USA, we've got you covered. For those bringing bikes from Canada, Amazon, and internet only brands; the likelihood of supporting your ebike is very low. 

We have set fees for tire & tube changes for electric bikes and standard bicycles.
We charge a fee of $100-$150 to assemble name brand bikes purchased elsewhere and assume no liability for its' performance or safety but any issues evident at time of assembly will be documented which you can address with the seller.

For those looking to purchase their bike via our website (once up and running), we will provide free phone support for the purchase. Most of the bikes we sell online will have very user friendly plug and play replacement of electronics as long as the owner or designated repair assistant can use a screwdriver, hex wrench, and common sense. 

Standard Maintenance for Ebikes:

Tighten Brakes (except for hydraulic)
Clean and lube the Chain (Green Revs does not perform the "cleaning" of the chain process)
Check tire pressure weekly 
Check nuts and bolts for tightness depending on riding habits
Address and changes in sounds or performance as soon as noticed to avoid creating a real problem

That being said: As far as the brands we sell (we filter out the junk brands) we have very few repairs coming in outside of flat tires. Most of the repairs we do are on bikes purchased elsewhere. 
Green Revs reserves the right to refuse repairs on poorly made or dangerous brands, brands with proprietary components where only an authorized Dealer can access parts, and anything the technician or manager feels may be unsafe to work on or ride.

The following products are not worked on at Green Revs: 

Pedego (except tire repair)
Izip / Ezip (except some kick scooters)
Scooter style ebikes not purchased from Green Revs
Sondors (except tire repair)
Ancheer (except tire repair)
Generally all other ebay/amazon only brands where there is no official legal entity carrying a Liability Certificate and Bond behind the product

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