Green Revs Electric Bikes is looking for quality team members.

Green Revs has built a good name for ourselves with honest and compassionate customer service for over 7 years now. We value truth and people over temporary business success. We understand that our success is determined by the way that we improve the lives of those we do business with whether vendors, neighbors, or customers.

Character and Integrity are a must in the Electric Bike world which is full of fly-by-night con artist companies and stores which puff up their specs and abilities and then disappear when times get tough. We also value a professional work environment which is free from drugs, smoke (including vaping), use of profanity, harassment of any kind, and hostility. We are a place of fun, freedom, and green living which is to say that everything we do is to be helpful and beneficial to ourselves and the world around us - without actually hugging trees: but it's ok if you hug trees on your own spare time.

Main Areas of knowledge: Ebikes and Related technology, Bicycles, and depending on store manager's focus, we may reduce our Solar product lines to "online only with in-store pickup" going forward. 
If you can agree with and adhere to the above statements, we encourage you to consider the following positions and concact the store via phone or Contact page:

Store Manager - Personable, patient, and friendly problem solver with past experience in handling busy phones, ordering, pricing, sales, marketing, scheduling, and customer/employee relations. Salary will be determined on individuals ability to increase the store's overall profitability. Applicant for this key position must not only possess the business skills for taking on the daily duties of a status quo business operation, but also have the vision to be able to increase the sales volume to ensure financial success and future growth as we grow in to franchise markets to provide customer support on the East Coast of the USA. The plans are in place but the right team player is needed to make certain parts happen.  Store manager will need to handle sales and minor service (tire/tube changes, installing accessories) when other staff is not available.

Service Technician - Assembling bikes, Changing tires and tubes, truing wheels, installing accessories, and occasional sales opportunities can keep the right team member busy, challenged, and even well paid. Applicant should possess general knowledge of bicycle mechanics, proper tool expertise, and be able to learn basic ebike electrical circuitry. This team member will also have opportunities to handle bike sales and assist other staff with technical questions relating to products we sell and service. On the job training will be provided for ebike specific tasks. -Base Salary and bonuses.

Sales Staff - Must be honest, able to learn specs, communicate articulately, use compassion when being met with unique customers and requests, and follow up with customers before and after the sale. Sales staff will also need to be able to process sales on our terminals, assist with warranty related matters, assist the store manager, handle phone customers, and install minor customizations like mirrors, seats, posts, baskets, etc. A passion and excitement for ebikes and the ability to see each customers individual needs and locate the best options for them is key for this position. -Commission and base salary.

Internet Sales Specialist / SEO/ Web-design - Can you take Green Revs to the national level? We're looking for a specialist who can get us ranked at the top and make and online super stores for Electric Bikes. We have the right products but need to draw in customers. - Salary and/or commission split TBD

Investor: Do you love ebikes and want to help spread them far and wide? Well we do too. We're looking for a financial backer who wants to partner with us to open more locations, hire and train staff, promote our internet sales, and even make a small return on your investment. And of course get all the latest ebikes and accessories at wholesale! Some or No time investment required depending on your level of interest. We have the plan, the experience, the knowledge, and the pulse of the industry but could do better with more financial resources. Call the store or contact through the Contact page if interested.